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Name: Vanja
Alter: 27
Status: Onlineclubmitglied seit dem 05.03.2016
Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch
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Animexx e.V.
Musikrichtung:Gothic/Industrial/Darkwave, Sonstiges, Heavy Metal, Game Music, Original Soundtracks
Kultur:Zeichnen, Lesen, Schreiben
Computer:Programmieren, Bildbearbeitung
Sexuelle Ausrichtung:mag beides
Benutzername: Vanjastic
  • "RT @GuyInYourMFA: Finally finished my manuscript on the human condition: "The Fate of the Furious." Now I'll just take a big sip of black coffee and check Twi" (Gestern, 20:06)
  • "RT @Pia_Poulain: Auf meiner Gesichtscreme steht "Mit hochkonzentrierter Aloe Vera". Mh. https://t.co/nMN2B9UlIe" (07.12.2016, 21:30)
  • "RT @broodingYAhero: Romantic emotions make me silent and cold. Therefore, if I've never spoken to you, I'm actually madly in love with you." (04.12.2016, 21:26)
  • "So, jetzt wird endlich wieder mal geschrieben! #ViF #Nirgendwo" (04.12.2016, 19:16)
  • "RT @PersianRose1: When life gives you lemons, you Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn https://t.co/vQNW7uEgCm" (04.12.2016, 18:03)
  • "RT @Borussenvogel: "Hör mal, sie spielen 'Last Chr... Plötzlich war überall Blut." (04.12.2016, 16:08)
  • "RT @broodingYAhero: What better way to show that true beauty isn't just good looks than by rewarding a female protagonist with me, a conventionally hot dude?" (04.12.2016, 16:05)
  • "RT @HistoryHeroine: It’s almost like my author doesn’t care about anyone who isn’t rich and doesn’t have a title." (04.12.2016, 16:03)
  • "RT @HistoryHeroine: What are you saying? That’s also the name of my father’s butler? Nah, I’m sure that’s James. Or was it Alfred?" (04.12.2016, 16:03)
  • "RT @HistoryHeroine: My butler's name is Jeeves. Jeeves Butler." (04.12.2016, 16:03)
  • "RT @laurasaurusrex: This is absolutely wonderful ​twitter.com/sapphicgeek/​st…" (04.12.2016, 10:23)
  • "RT @EagleWriter1: Wenn eine Parodie nicht mehr als solche erkannt wird weil alle anderen ERNSTHAFTE Story schreiben die sich genau gl… ​twitter.com/i/web/status​/8…" (04.12.2016, 10:21)
  • "RT @fictionaIs: when you don't like the main ship of a show https://t.co/LFZTtKAjJ9" (03.12.2016, 22:12)
  • "RT @EmilioEmm: It’s HOMOsapiens, not HETEROsapiens. It’s the Bi-ble, not the Straight-ble." (03.12.2016, 22:08)
  • "RT @evilyavillain: I may be evil but come on, that's why you love me." (03.12.2016, 22:07)
  • "If you consider "Bastard" to be a cute nickname :D" (02.12.2016, 12:31)
  • "RT @mishacak3s: THANKS WEBCOMICS FOR BEING COOL AND GAY KEEP DOIN YOU 👍✨" (02.12.2016, 12:29)
  • "RT @broodingYAhero: It's a well-know fact that bandages made from a shirt I've ripped off will be 1000% more hygienic than any other bandage." (02.12.2016, 12:28)
  • "Oh my God D: Jefrem is a brooding YA Hero D: #ViF ​twitter.com/broodingYAhe​ro…" (02.12.2016, 12:28)
  • "RT @sitinsiIcnce: Gay marriage still isn't legal in germany and it's not okay" (02.12.2016, 08:06)