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Name: Anaya Kuran
Alter: 21
Geburtstag: 06.09.1995
Status: Onlineclubmitglied seit dem 11.06.2013
Sprachen: Deutsch
PLZ, Ort: 24837 Schleswig
Land: Deutschland

Animexx e.V.
1995-09-06 00:00:00
Benutzername: AnayaKuran
  • "2/2 I mean how is it possible to hear so much shit from like four teenimums? I need to move, I can't take it TT^TT" (Gestern, 09:28)
  • "The day of forgetting my headphones is FINALLY here. Now I have to hear all the shit from the bus people. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH U ALL?" (Gestern, 09:26)
  • "RT @DepressedDarth: Ani are you okay, are you okay Ani https://t.co/pGKt4fZ2AD" (Gestern, 09:23)
  • "Overwatch, all Brawls -Only Genji/ Hanzo. 2 MINUTES INTO THE MATCH AND FOUR FUCKING GENJIS SCREAMING FOR HEALING. #progenji" (17.01.2017, 21:56)
  • "I hate to be @ work on sundays. I've got to see them the whole week and most Saturdays. Y on my holy sunday? #notnice #worklikeaanimal" (15.01.2017, 16:33)
  • "I NEED A 2. TWEET FOR THE AWESOMENESS OF THIS WORK!!! And that's y @Atsushi_Ohkubo is my favorite Mangaka. I'm so… ​twitter.com/i/web/status​/8…" (14.01.2017, 17:02)
  • "I've got FF today and it's SO FUCKING GOOD. Ohkubo-sensei, I love it! It's so awesome!Thank you for another great… ​twitter.com/i/web/status​/8…" (14.01.2017, 16:53)
  • "RT @iBlali: Das Einzige, was mich auf der Welt wirklich triggert, sind Leute, die sagen: "Ich bin besser WIE du.." Solche wollen die Welt brennen sehen." (13.01.2017, 09:37)
  • "Just got a New Hogwarts T-shirt. I love it <3 https://t.co/9N7ioQmVLX" (12.01.2017, 16:23)
  • "@Crumblebread Er ist nicht so 1 Ehrenmann wie einer der Jojos!!!" (12.01.2017, 15:05)
  • ""U won't tell me that U like this shit right?!!!? " "I really love it." "Jojo is shit!!! You really, really like… ​twitter.com/i/web/status​/8…" (12.01.2017, 14:21)
  • "RT @TGFandom: Kaneki moved to Starbucks after Anteiku burned down https://t.co/ktzWcNGMzh" (11.01.2017, 10:21)
  • "RT @StephenKing: Hope you enjoyed Obama's speech. You won't hear anything so cogent and kind for a long time. So, with complete sincerity: THANKS, OBAMA." (11.01.2017, 10:21)
  • "@Crumblebread https://t.co/rZeuNIKR1l" (10.01.2017, 02:06)
  • "Me @ the living room : ... Dori & Adem @ Doris room " JOJO.... DIO... STAND.... ORA ORA ..... THE WORLD..... DIOOOO… ​twitter.com/i/web/status​/8…" (10.01.2017, 01:54)
  • "RT @Taddl: Beim Joggen machen meine Gedanken jedes Mal eine Metamorphose durch. Von "Ja, ich betätige meinen Körper!" hin zu "Wieso nur!? Ich sterbe!"" (09.01.2017, 14:06)
  • "RT @Crumblebread: Dio: [redet] Ich: ja, wenn- Anna mae u Adem: PSSSSSHHH 👏💥💥💥" (09.01.2017, 13:58)
  • "#DankeFürDieVlogsBibi https://t.co/UKuiUDHTow" (04.01.2017, 19:58)
  • "RT @shanetold: My Mum just said: "Well with the way girls dress these days, how do you tell which ones are the hookers?" 🙃" (04.01.2017, 19:55)
  • "My heart is shattered in pieces. I will never stop missing you. I love you for ever. See you my best friend. My bo… ​twitter.com/i/web/status​/8…" (29.12.2016, 20:05)