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//Im Kindergarten fing ich an dicke Menschen, die an Luftballons erinnerten, zu zeichnen.
Dann, mit dem Pokémon-Boom 1999 hier in Deutschland, bin ich mit meiner Kunst komplett
ausgeflippt. Ich kam immer weiter ab von dem Gedanken irgendwo in Frankreich ein Künstler
mit Schnauzbart und Baskenmütze zu werden und an der Seine Ölbilder zu malen und begann
immer mehr den ostasiatischen Zeichenstil und dessen Comickultur zu lieben. Jetzt arbeite ich
an meiner eigenen Webcomicserie [Quest Runners] und mache eine Ausbildung zum Mediengestalter
für Print&Digital. Danach schaue ich mal nach Berlin zu kommen, um dort Game Design zu studieren.

Benutzername: StadyOne
  • "Hey, I feel like I wanna draw a fanart but don't know which one to choose. Is there a character u wanna see drawn by me? 🎨 #art #fanart" (21.02.2017, 18:02)
  • "RT @ahmad_beyrouthi: lots of people been requesting me for some tips for rendering. here i made a simple one. https://t.co/PaqJjWW09H" (21.02.2017, 17:54)
  • "@iamGhostnGhost more songs plz" (20.02.2017, 20:06)
  • "youtu.be/E6BtLJlC48A​ & the party goes on ❣🎇🔥" (19.02.2017, 22:51)
  • "youtu.be/zmTO3_FkiDo​ Dear fellows: it's time to pahahaharty hard! #afterwork" (19.02.2017, 22:22)
  • "Forget about this world × only you decide what is real" (19.02.2017, 00:42)
  • "This feels so right x youtu.be/7zbgA3An8gw​ ♫" (17.02.2017, 00:33)
  • "@StadyOne @StadyOne --- & found there is such a polity × it's called: Democracy 😐 #politics #thoughtoftheday" (16.02.2017, 09:31)
  • "I thought wouldn't it be crazy there is a staate where ppl. run the whole politics not a president or a group & searched for for name ---" (16.02.2017, 09:26)
  • "American protesters. What the fuck is up w/ u. It's like I wanna be together w/ this girl & beat the shit out of her face & ask her: date me" (11.02.2017, 00:54)
  • "//New Project w/ Flying Visions × going outta space https://t.co/xKs8N3JNeW" (11.02.2017, 00:44)
  • "@IndianaJ0nas I think balance is good. & for me ur saturation level is ur style. Like drawn w/ marker. Looks fresh" (08.02.2017, 09:42)
  • "@IndianaJ0nas rly? What was it? The snow outside, the robot or the ceiling? (cuz I think u found ur colors for the plants alrdy)" (08.02.2017, 01:00)
  • "RT @TheZombieDogz: 🐒Moshi Moshi Motherfucker🐒 https://t.co/KsS0Bxe40b" (08.02.2017, 00:15)
  • "@TheZombieDogz @SleepyEspurr gradiant of the sunglasses vuking awesome" (08.02.2017, 00:15)
  • "@IndianaJ0nas u choose ur colors so well" (07.02.2017, 23:58)
  • "This incredable pain of missing her. I wanna use it to make something awesome. But I dunno how to use this power. I'll find a way." (07.02.2017, 23:55)
  • "The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal - Aristotle × what does this mean? #society #feminism #meninism #egalite" (07.02.2017, 21:52)
  • "@C0rgi_C1ipz these highlights make it slime, so work well done" (07.02.2017, 16:53)
  • "@MorrighanCorbel my jesus power is working!, haha 😜" (07.02.2017, 16:52)