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Animexx e.V.
Benutzername: tinyBirdgirl
  • "Accidentally purchased the 1979 version of Nosferatu instead of the original from 1922...what a waste of money" (Heute, 02:26)
  • "Heart of the cards? My ass! Heart of the fucking cheaters! Seriously, does anyone in the anime follow the rules?! #YuGiOh" (19.08.2017, 19:47)
  • "Tried to defend my food from my dogs...I lost" (16.08.2017, 17:19)
  • "Just drank a can of red bull...time for a very energetic nap" (15.08.2017, 14:57)
  • "Went into the living room at 4am and saw both my siblings eating cereal...yup we're definitely related" (09.08.2017, 04:52)
  • "If I have sex with a clone of me, is it incest, masturbation or just really weird?" (05.08.2017, 01:23)
  • "My dad just called my brother a disgusting creature" (31.07.2017, 13:16)
  • "I now officially hate boobs. I lost food in my cleavage again!!" (17.06.2017, 20:54)
  • "Reading all those tweets reminds me of all the things people have said to me #theysaid" (06.06.2017, 20:42)
  • "Great. Just got over my Cowboy Bebop obsession, now I'm addicted to #StarTrek" (24.05.2017, 20:21)
  • "How come the spaceships in #StarTrek always meet face to face?" (24.05.2017, 19:23)
  • "I've got so much shit to do...better take a nap!" (14.05.2017, 19:23)
  • "That awkward feeling when you wake up from a nap and the first thing you want to do is take a nap" (11.05.2017, 14:48)
  • "When I was in England I bought Nietzsche in English. Why the fuck did I do that?! I'm German ffs!" (09.05.2017, 01:34)
  • "You know shit's about to go down, when you're in season 12 and the "previously on" shows you the first episode #supernatural" (08.05.2017, 23:54)
  • "I've been eating way too much lately; need to start my diet again...right after this bag of chips!" (08.05.2017, 22:21)
  • "Me: *looks at my brother* Me: fuck you're #ugly" (21.04.2017, 16:51)
  • "*watches #GoT with my brother* Bro: I like that character Me: Don't get used to them" (12.04.2017, 18:20)
  • "RT @SiofraK: Did anyone else think it was just Moriarty dressed up as a women for at least 15 seconds?? #Sherlock" (10.01.2017, 07:45)
  • "RT @astudyintennant: OH MY GOD I HAVE TEARS THIS IS BRILLIANT #Sherlock https://t.co/Ar1Cu5Ea7f" (10.01.2017, 07:44)
Anime/Manga-Genre:Science Fiction, Kampf/Action, Horror, Mecha, Fantasy
Musikrichtung:Alternative, Heavy Metal, K-Pop, Punk, Rock
Kultur:Singen, Zeichnen, Lesen
Computer:Internet-Kultur, Bildbearbeitung, Bloggen
Spielkonsole:Wii, PS Portable, X-Box 360, Playstation 2, Handy als Spielekonsole, Nintendo 3DS
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