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Minna-san, Konnichiwa!
~*Willkommen auf meiner Animexx Projektseite*~

  Hier könnt Ihr euch ab sofort über alles rund um Shiroku und Co informieren.

Seien es neue Auftrittstermine, CD-Veröffentlichungen, seltsame Gedanken oder Pinguine,
hier werdet ihr immer auf dem laufenden gehalten und wisst ganz genau was in Shiroku´s Leben so passiert.

Schaut doch auch mal hier rein:

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~* News *~
~* News*~

~* 10.11.2012 *~

Yay, die Projektseite ist endlich online!
In nächster Zeit wird die Seite aufjedenfall noch weiter ausgebaut.
Also schaut aufjedenfall demnächst nochmal vorbei!

Ich freu mich!
Bis dann :)
-: Do you have a pet and know this? XD Poyo also lives fabric just like me XD Look how trendy she looks with her new scarf XD
-: Started yesterday the sword ❤ I love Eva foam so easy to work with!
-: Wir sehen uns auf der AnimagiC <3 <3 ^_^ Freue mich schon sehr :D <3 ^_^
-: Really loved this location ❤❤ A picture with my World Cosplay Summit championship costume ❤ In a few days this amazing event will happen again ToT miss everyone so much! Picture by Meermiau
-: I finished it ToT The very first armor costume of my life ToT the chain, wig and undershirt is on the way. But the armor part of this costume is 100% done! I'm so happy that it worked out although I had no idea how to make it ToT. Thanks so much everyone for helping me and giving me advices ToT it would have been much more difficult without your help thanks so much! Tomorrow I'll start with my first foam sword ever ❤❤ #armor #cosplay #work #workinprogress #workinprogress #bts #ruler #fate #jeanne #d'arc #evafoam #foam #eva #foamwork #costume #cosplay
-: Have I already showed you my Nico Marine pictures? ❤I love them ❤ Thanks so much Cosplay Hunter for taking picture with me in the super cold rain ToT Nico Nico Niii❤❤❤
-: Finished the shoes of my Ruler Cosplay ❤ First armor shoes in my life. Oh gosh that's such an amazing feeling ❤❤ #evafoam #eva #workinprogress #workinprocess #wip #bts #ruler #fate #fate #apocrypha #shors #cosplay #firstArmor
-: I started to glue all the parts together ❤ still the bodyplates left. Today I want to start strapping and finishing the costume. But I still have the sword and flag left ❤❤ I hope it worked ToT no idea about strapping lol #jeanne #fate #prop #cosworking #myfirstarmor #firstArmor #ruler #wip #workinprocess
-: Some sewing progress from yesterday evening❤ I guess I can finish the sewing stuff today ❤ Oh my maybe I can finish the costume this weekend ToT Giving my best! #ruler #cosplay #apocryphia
-: I got 2 costumes as a birthday present ❤ First time ordering costumes in the internet. But I'm pretty happy with the quality although I need to correct and redo a lot of parts. Here my Fate Alter costume which I will bring to FotoCon by Techland Sunday. ❤ Can't wait to make pictures with TheFoxxx Photography ❤❤
~* Next Time On Stage *~

~*> Connichi

       13.-15.09.2013, Kassel (Deutschland)

       Sonntag 14:30 Uhr Hauptsaal



~*> Mega Manga Con

       04.10. - 06.10.2013, Berlin (Deutschland)

       Samstag 12 Uhr

       Piano, Dancecrew and Voice  

~* Diskografie*~

~* Alben *~

~* 2013: Sword Art Online

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)
~* 2012: Anime No Piano

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)

~* 2011: Anime Wonderland

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)

~* 2010: Anime Dreams

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)


~* Singles *~

~* 2011: Bad Apple

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)
Top 40 in den
jap. Itunes Dance Charts
~* 2013: Sword Art Online

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)

~* 2010: Anime X´Mas from Japan

(Online: Not available)
~* 2009: Inori - You Raise Me Up

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)
~* Member*~
~* Thanks for working with me! *~

~* On Stage      
Gesang: Shiroku    
Piano: Manami Haruta Shiroku  
Tanz: Ishida _Riko_  
  Annemie Sweety-Rikku  
Support: Kickaha Mangamaz  
~* Off Stage      
Foto: Harlock Meermiau Michael Kügler
Design: Chiyoko_Chi    
Producer: GatsuE    


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